Fulkerson Pump Service​ 

Contractors License: 240590

Water Testing and Well Inspections

We provide water testing and well inspections for home owners, public water systems, and real estate transactions. 

The most common water sample that is taken is a bacterial sample. We also take water samples for nitrates, nitrites, arsenic, and many more contaminates. All water samples are taken to an accredited ELAP lab.

For real estate transactions a lender often requires a well inspection with a bacterial water sample test. In addition, they might require a test to determine the production of the pump. In areas with low well yields we do three hour and four hour well tests. Our sonic well sounder and flow meter equipment records the gallon per minute with an estimated depth to water, allowing us to obtain an accurate reading of the static water, draw-down, and pumping depth. With all well inspections we perform the required servicing/maintenance work. If a problem is present we write an estimate to do the needed repairs. 

In the event that a well is present for Coliform Bacteria or E.coli, we use several methods to kill out the bacteria. We use a special type of chlorine, designed specifically for well water applications. If a well is still present with bacteria after a couple chlorinations, we use more aggressive procedures. In some cases we have to use a well water camera to inspect the casing. 

If you are looking for water testing or well inspections then give us a call for a quote.