Fulkerson Pump Service​ 

Contractors License: 240590

Mission Statement:We are dedicated to providing reliable and fast water well service to Northern California, with a concentration on safe drinking water and environmentally friendly practices.

Ask the Pump Man

What is a water logged tank? What are the most common pressure tanks for residential use? What is a constant pressure system? How often should my system be serviced? How often should I have my water tested? These are some of the most basic water well questions and we have the answers! Give us a call or email Jerry@fulkersonpump.com

Basic Water Well Operation

Having even a rudimentary understanding of how your home well water system operates can help you fix simple problems yourself. The National Ground Water Association is a great place to gain basic knowledge: http://www.ngwa.org/. Another site that contains a lot of information is http://www.wellowner.org/.

Services List

  • Residential, Ag, and Commercial Pump Installation & Repairs
  • Tank Installation
  • Variable Frequency Drive/Constant Pressure Systems
  • Storage tank Installation
  • Well Water Testing
  • Water Well Camera Inspection
  • Well Re-Casing
  • Well Abandonment
  • One Well Two Pump Installation

Residential Service

If you have no water or have concerns about your system we can check it out. We carry stocked service trucks with the right tools and, more importantly, the right knowledge.

Water Testing

Sampling well water is an important aspect of our job. Many wells we come across are contaminated with bacteria. We do a wide range of water sampling. The most common test is a bacterial sample.

Well Re-Casing & Conditioning

As the home ages so does the well. Most older wells have steel casings and they will eventually rust and deteriorate. A casing with holes in it can lead to a contaminated water system. 

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